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WebConnect Online Services, LLC (hereafter referred to as “WCOL”, “we”, or “our”) and _______________________  (hereafter referred to as “Customer”, “you” or “your”) agree to the following:


1.  Customer accepts and agrees to comply with all of the elements of the Terms of Service and Authorized Use Policy as described on the attachments and posted on the WCOL website (available online at http://www.wcol.net).  In addition, Customer will pay WCOL in accordance with paragraph 3 below.

2.  Upon receipt of a properly executed copy of this agreement, WCOL will provide the following services:

** Services Description ***

3.  Payment terms and pricing:

*** Fee schedule ***

Automatic renewal for successive periods.

Termination upon 30 days written notice.

Payment policy as described in Terms of Service.

WCOL reserves the right to modify pricing if plan usage is different from plan sizing.

WCOL reserves the right to modify pricing at our sole discretion with 30 days notice to Customer.



______________________________                ____________

       Name                                                                Date



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